Test Scoring Programs

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PsyMet Test Scoring Programs

These programs will automatically score tests. The results are displayed on the screen in 12-point Courier Font. You can Right Click [Select All], then Right Click [Copy] the data and Paste it in your report. It displayes a Text Graph, and you will need to set the format in you report for this material to Courier Font. I like to put the test results at the end of my report in an Attachments section. It makes it very easy to reference.

Public Doman Programs

The Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test is a 68-item test that measures general mechanical intelligence.

The Minnesota Clerical Test uses Names and Numbers to determine accuracy and attention to detail. It is boring and repetative. A person that can do this test can pay attention. Program updated 5/19/2013.

The Grooved Pegboard is a fine finger dexterity assessment that requires turning the pegs. In about two minutes, you can administer a neuropsychological test. It there is a substantial difference between Dominant and Non-Dominant hands (the difference is usually 5 seconds), you should question why one side of that brain in a box (skull) functions differently from the other side.

The Hand Tool Test measures a person's ability to manually manipulate objects (bolts and screws) with tools. A person that cannot do this test should not be doing assembly work. The test is bulky and hard to use at a distant site. The tools are considered weapons in a secure setting.

The Revised Minnesota Paper Form Board Test has 64 items and is timed to 20 minutes. It measures Spatial Relations.

The Purdue Pegboard is a finger dexterity test. There is no rotation of the pegs, but it does include an assembly task that is good at measuring fine finger dexterity and small part manipulation. The board is fairly large and difficult to use at a distant site.