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These Are Additional Tests

The following instruments can be completed by a clinician or program. They are very helpful when the person taking the tests answers them directly on the computer.

Scores are saved on Drive C:/

This is a generic screening instrument for anxiety, mood, and psychotic disorders. This is a really useful test. Updated 5/18/2013.

The MHSF - III screens for a range of disorders. Updated 5/16/2013.

This is a short instrument screening for drug or alcohol problems. Updated 5/18/2013.

There is a geriatric version of the MAST. Elderly people may be retired and not working. Driving may be limited. These and other conditions result in their alcohol use not being adequatly documented on the MAST. Updated 5/24/2013.

Social Interaction Anxiety Scale (SIAS) is a measure that looks at the prevalence, severity, and treatment outcomes of anxiety disorders. Updated 5/21/2011.

Wage Loss version A is a small, self-contained program that estimates vocational loss and computes Net Present Value.

Geriatric Scales

There are a variety of depression scales available. The Geriatric Depression Scale is a 30 item instrument specifically addressing depression in elderly clients. Updated 5/24/2013.

This is the 15 item version of the Geriatric Depression Scale. Updated 5/14/2013.

The MacAndrew Sale is a 49-itme true false test that is highly predictive of repeat DUI or DWI offenses when used in conjunction with the MAST. Updated 5/24/2013.