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Family Therapy, Behavioral Management, and Family Biofeedback. 


syn-es-the-sia n. Physiol. Sensation produced at a point other than or remote from the point of stimulation, as of a color from hearing a certain sound (fr. Gk, syn = together + aisthesis = to perceive).

When we are first born, synesthesia helps us rapidly learn about our environment. As we develop, brain connections are pruned to permit specialization. Our daily activity models this developmental process. Synesthesia (associations between the parts of the brain) is greatest when we first awaken. As the day progresses, we become more narrowly focused and specialized. Unfortunately, we are sleepy and tired upon waking up. The systesthesia of waking can be simulated, however, when returning from a relaxed state. Relaxation makes use children again. We use biofeedback and relaxation training to increase the connections between brain parts to enhance therapeutic effectiveness. People often know what changes need to be made, but are unable to implement that knowledge. Synesthesia moves therapy from understanding to action.


Biofeedback and Physiological Measurement of Individuals, Groups and Families

ThoughtStream Biofeedback System (GSR) provides a precise and accurate measure of emotional changes.

Classical Conditioning

Meditation, relaxation, guided-imagery, breathing exercised, etc. may be helpful in a general way. To be truly useful, however, a relaxation response needs to be available during times of stress. The relaxation response observed on the ThoughtStream GSR equipment cues a person to press an anchor site for about two (2) seconds. The site most often used is the base of the thumb right above the GSR sensors. With continued respondent (classical) conditionings, this site comes to elicit calming and focused attention. This is an extremely important technique when suppressing urges and cravings related to addiction, anxiety, depression, or confusion.